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    Enterprise Introduction

    Zhuhai LICHENG ELECTRICAL Co.,Ltd. is a private investment company,the factory locates in the beautiful city of Zhuhai,we have production plant of 3000 square meters and 300 employers,including R & D team of 20 people,mainly engaged in the display device,home security research and development. We are a People-oriented company with learning and development spirit of this industry; Having a certain strength and a strong high-tech R & D team; mature production technology,advanced management experience,a set of perfect quality certification system and after-sales service guarantee.

    Our products are mainly specialized terminal display device,special vehicle display,home security and other products. LICHENG high cost-effective products have gain great reputation from the industry experts and users alike; we also gain great market in China and some European and American developed countries and regions. We would like to make “LICHENG” brand a leading and professional manufacturer of the industry.

    LICHENG products use the latest technology,we have gain great reputation and market partners with our high quality products and services.We became a national modern high-tech enterprise at home and abroad.A better world,”LICHENG creation”,let us Make LICHENG a leading brand.

    Our Management philosophy is Honesty and quality come first


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